At Jordan Creek Church, we ask committed members to give joyfully, sacrificially, and regularly. We believe that in Solon, money is one of the largest obstacles to a living as a disciple of Jesus through rhythms of family, servant, and missionary.


Giving is a matter of the heart. God cares ultimately about our hearts, for he has an infinite amount of resources at His disposal. When we give, we do so in response to what God has done, and with excitement around getting to play a role in God's word and love reaching  Solon and Eastern Iowa.


Can you point to something tangible in your life that you don't have/use/do because you've made a conscious decision to give to your local church? Everything from the homes and cars we buy, to the vacations we take...these are all opportunities for us to live differently in light of our commitment to the Kingdom and identity as God's children.


We ask the Jordan Creek church family to give regularly. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. This is both for the sake of your own discipleship and gospel rhythms, and for the sake of the church's ability to plan and allocate resources with wisdom and discernment.