Jordan Creek Student Ministries partners with parents to make disciples who make disciples in the everyday stuff of student life.

At Jordan Creek Church we want to help our students become disciples who make disciples.
This means creating an environment where students learn to be family, servants, and missionaries. Our student ministries is divided into middle school and senior high, and each age group has a compelling group of adult leaders who are disciples of Jesus.


Jordan Creek Student meetings are safe and accepting to every student no matter what. We are family…no matter what! We welcome all Solon students to come join us for fun, celebration, and friendship as they navigate very important years of life. Most importantly, we want to introduce students to what it means to be part of God’s family and understand the living God as our Father.


Students who have said “yes” to following Jesus at Jordan Creek are learning to serve like Jesus served. In everyday ways, our students are learning to place others before themselves because Jesus placed us before himself. Our adult leaders create and lead opportunities for our students to serve locally and globally.


As students grow at Jordan Creek they learn to see themselves as on mission to their sports teams, art clubs, bands, choirs, on buses, and in hallways. Wherever we go, JCC students want to show love for God and others through their words and actions.