Vision and Mission.


We are disciples of Jesus making disciples in the everyday stuff of life. Because we are family, servants, and missionaries, we gather, go, give, and grow to make disciples and make much of Jesus.



Every member making disciples

God's vision is to see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). Jesus is the glory of God, and he is the means by which anyone comes to truly know God. And it is Jesus Christ in us who is the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). For people to see the glory of God, Jesus has to come into our lives, change us, and work through us.

It is our hope that Jordan Creek Church might be a part of equipping God's people to realize they are the church sent into the everyday stuff of life so God might fill every place with His glory through His people. The church is not a place; it's people sent to fill every place with Jesus' presence, every day.


We are disciples of Jesus making disciples together in the everyday stuff of life.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to be disciples who make disciples. A disciple of Jesus is committed to bringing all of life increasingly under the leadership of Jesus. They are also committed to leading others to bring all of life increasingly under the leadership of Jesus. The mission of Jordan Creek Church is not just to grow a Sunday gathering or fill missional communities with people. Our desire is to equip God's people to be disciples who make disciples so gospel saturation might take place. We believe it's not the few who do the ministry for the many, but a few who equip the many for the ministry. Come join us to be equipped for Jesus' mission!


We do this by focusing on four key areas

GATHER: Commit to gathering together regularly with the Church body (Sunday Gathering)

GO: Be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples with others (Missional Community)

GIVE: Support Jordan Creek Church and serve the body with your time, talents, and treasure (Give & Serve)

GROW: Meet regularly with a few others to encourage and equip you in growing up into Christ (DNA Groups)